HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Scala, Java, Perl, Python and PHP are the main languages I use. They cover most of my needs for websites and webapps, both front and back end, prototyping, scripting, desktop clients, etc.

HTML JS CSS Scala Java Perl Python PHP

Outils & Frameworks

As a language is nothing without its eco-system and community, here is a list of the tools I use and like most in my job.

Titanium Cordova Titanium Cordova jQuery ExtJS Highcharts VisJS NodeJS Twitter Bootstrap Wordpress Mojolicious Play! Sails JS
  • Titanium and Cordova : hybdrid mobile development
  • D3JS : Cartography & data visualization
  • React JS and Vue JS : In one word : a Framework.
  • jQuery : less and less needed, but always a good swiss-knife to have in your pocket.
  • ExtJS : Desktop-ish web interfaces, very well suited for "big data"
  • Highcharts and Vis JS : Charts, Timelines and network graphs
  • Node JS : Prototyping & Production with a Javascript taste
  • Node Webkit and Electron: Build desktop apps with Javascript
  • Twitter Bootstrap : Best website bootstrap kit
  • Wordpress and Grav : Content Management System, powerful and simple
  • Play! Framework : Web framework for Java & Scala
  • Mojolicious : Web Framework for Perl
  • SailsJS and Express : Web Frameworks for Node JS
  • and also Gulp, Babel, a ton of NPM modules, functional and object oriented programming, Google Maps API, etc. ...


Don't harvest if you can't store.

Sqlite PostgreSQL MySQL MongoDB Elastic Search



App Store Play Store Mediapart CNRS Profi CEA Mairie du 9eme BVA City Cycle
  • Mediapart : mobile app development and data investigations on big leaks
  • Hoover Language : Named Entities Recognition (NER) web server for (people, places and organizations names) based on Stanford NLP library and integrated to the Hoover suite.
  • EIC Network : Website conception and development with Grav for European Investigative Collaborations, many collaborations, especially on "Football Leaks"
  • IF Cockpit : Remote app the the Infinite Flight simulator
  • Proteomics French Infrastructure (ProFI) : Development of a rich web app (WebDesktop + Apps) dedicated to "big" data analysis extracted from mass spectrometry experiments. In partnership with LSMBO (Strasbourg) and the CEA (Grenoble).
  • IPBS : Institute of Phramacology and Structural biology
  • Mairie du 9ème arrondissement de Paris : Website development for the Caisse des écoles. Use and customization of Wordpress (theme and plugin creation for school-restaurant menu display)
  • City Cycle : Map & interactive charts to display available bikes and free places for JC Decaux bike sharing services, and statistics display for each station. This app won the 2nd price at the Geoportail 2013 awards, in the "Services for Citizens" category
  • Plane Crash Map : An interactive map displaying plane crashes stats
  • BVA : Web and desktop app development about public transports data analysis and studies planning (maps, charts for stats, auto-planning algorithms)
  • Lyclic : Freelance consulting & development
  • Fabfest : Freelance consulting & bug fixing
  • Antenna covering areas : creation of a dead-simple tool to create, save and import antenna coverage areas on a Google Map, one page, front-end only, just Javascript & JSON
  • Beathletic : Audio/Video Experiment. Video, text, keyboard, webcam and midi sync
  • Github : Some other on-going projects