"Fullstack" Dev & Project Manager


  • Front : HTML5, CSS3, Javascript – Vanilla, VueJS, Angular, React, D3, …
  • Back : NodeJS, Java, Scala, Python, Perl, PHP, Lua …
  • Databases : PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL / MariaDB, MongoDB
  • IoT : Sigfox, ESP32, Arduino, C/C++, GSM and Satellite (Iridium), …
  • Mobile : React, Cordova, Titanium, …
  • Environment : Linux, Mac OS, Windows
  • Project Management : Workshops, UX Design, User Stories, Technical Specs, Scrum Master, Sprint Planning, Agile project management
  • Languages : French (native), English (fluent), German (basic)

  • My resume (.pdf)
  • Github profile for more (but I don't publish all of my weird experiments)

My Work

  • Fullstack development for "Big Data" web application Proline a tool built for proteomics studies, biology research field at the CNRS. More details here.
  • Mobile & Tools development at Mediapart : hybrid Mobile development with Titanium and React Native
  • Interactive data vizualisation and harversting tools :

  • Project management at Simplon Prod, a web agency related to the famous Simplon code school :
  • UX design : example with Rejoindre l'Afev NGO)
  • Game design : example with Programme ton énergie for Total
  • Design Workshops for mobile & internal apps : Allianz, L'Oréal, and many others ...
  • I enjoy Hackathons & Meetups as a dev, as a mentor and as an organizer :
  • Jury & Mentor with some Simplon classes
  • Full IoT systems implementation with Sigfox & Skiply devices, based on Node Red + Grafana, for Derichebourg at Renault, Legrand, Continental, Ikea and more
  • More fullstack development with Java (Spring) & Angular8 + D3 development for OpenGOV : an internal decision tool built at SNCF Réseau

Open Source

My Favorite Tools


I <3 Vanilla ES6 JS but also :

  • VueJS,
  • Angular,
  • D3,
  • visJS,
  • Bootstrap,
  • ExtJS,
  • and many others like : Reac, Phaser, ExtJS, Backbone and many more ...


I've been working with :

  • Cordova,
  • Titanium
  • but also React Native, and stuff like Codea & Processing for Android + some native iOS & Android experiments


  • ExpressJS & SailsJS with Javascript
  • Spring & Play! + Hibernate with Java, Scala or Kotlin
  • Django with Python
  • and some Symfony (PHP), Mojolicious (Perl), and other obscure stuff


  • NodeRed offers the best way to build a robust and scalable IoT backend very quickly
  • Grafana is awesome for metrics and time based series data vizualisation

Other Experiments

Arduino, Processing, Unity & Godot, 3D modelling & printing, basic electronics, audio processing ...